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Healing News               April 1998

Editor Notes
Featured Site and Excerpt
Survey Results

April is Sexual Assault Month. It is a time for those of us who are survivors to be able to remember that we are survivors. This is easily lost sight of in our day to day lives. This is the reason the following websites have been chosen as our Featured Sites for this month. That’s why these sites might be of interest.

 There is also something new on my website.

 We now have a Message Board and Chat Room for survivors, families, and friends! You must have a java capable browser for this to work. Look at for an upcoming chat schedule and more information. Right now the chat is open to anyone at anytime. The plan is for it to remain this way unless a particular Featured Chat is scheduled.

My best wishes to you each for a good month filled with healing.


Featured Sites
The first site Kathy’s Place tells not only of her triumph over this crime but reminds us that victims have rights too.
On her site is a listing of victims’ legal rights under the Indiana law.

Our second site, The Women’s Hope and Home Page also includes a listing of Survivor's Bill Of Rights.Drafted by the New Directions Rape Survivors Group 1991-1992. To visit go to, Bill of Rights for Survivors

 March 1998 Survey Results

 Question 1 Totals:
  What gender are you?
 Female was selected 90 times
 Male was selected 1 times

  Question 2 Totals:
  What age were you when this happened? 

 Under 12 was selected 11 times
 13-18 was selected 49 times 
 19-29 was selected 29 times 
 30-39 was selected 1 times 
 over 40 was selected 1 times 

 Question 3 Totals:
 Where were you when it happened? 

 in a home/apartment was selected 50 times 
 street/alley was selected 3 times 
 on a date was selected 10 times 
 at work was selected 6 times 
 taken to an isolated area was selected 19 times 

 Question 4 Totals:
 Was the offender 

 a date was selected 24 times 
 someone from school was selected 5 times
 a person from work was selected 5 times 
 a friend was selected 16 times
 casual acquaintance was selected 21 times
 (one possible answer, a family member, was accidentally left off. I am
 sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thanks to those 16 of
 you who let me know about it.)

 Question 5 Totals:
 If you contacted someone for help, who did you call?

 police was selected 15 times 
 friend was selected 25 times 
 security/officials at work was selected 0 times 
 security/officials at school was selected 2 times 
 doctor or other medical provider was selected 2 times
A total of 91 people responded to this survey. Not all people answered all questions so totals of each question may or may not add up to 91.

 Many thanks to those who took the time to respond to this survey.

As always, this newsletter is written by and for survivors and families. It is dependent upon submissions from you to make it a success. It is not intended to serve as a replacement for any type of therapy. If you feel you need to speak with a professional please contact your local rape crisis center.

 Thank you.


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