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Rape Recovery Survivors Badge Of Courage

As of 6/2008 distribution of this badge has been discontinued due to staffing shortages and budget cuts. We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience and hope to resume distribution as soon as possible.
    The badge is for survivors of sexual assault or domestic violence. Living with any the aftermath of any of these problems sometimes seems impossible. Therefore; it is with great courage that survivors go forward to face each day.

    The Survivor's Badge Of Courage was created to honor abuse survivors, to draw attention to the bravery shown by survivors, and to heighten awareness of these ever increasing problems.
We as survivors often feel as if we must live in a closet or wear a mask, never exposing our true selves. This symbol of courage is to help lessen the isolation we face as we seek to heal.

    Facing trauma and becoming a survivor shouldn't leave us stigmatized. It should leave us feeling victorious. However, as any abuse survivor will tell you, being an abuse victim leaves us wanting to hide in a hole.

    If you are a survivor with a home page (It doesn't have to be on recovery) email me and I will proudly give you instructions on obtaining your badge or information on how to join the webring, whichever you are interested in.

    The badge is also awarded each month beginning in June as a certificate suitable for framing to the member of the Rape Recovery Forum on Delphi with the highest number of postings per month. It's our way of recognizing a few of those survivors who have actively worked to share the healing.

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