Volunteer at Hope for Healing.Org


We welcome volunteers at Hope for Healing.Org. It is only through the efforts of people like you

that we can help others. Services include online peer-based support, domestic violence prevention

with our Hope You plus educating and raising awareness. There’s a lot to do.

Special skills are not required to volunteer in most areas. Client service areas will require a background check.

We have plenty of positions open. If you don’t see something below that you’d like to do please email us. We’re

always glad to hear from you.

Help is always needed to:

·        Look for broken links on the website and suggest replacements

·        Create displays

·        List items on eBay

·        Write articles for our newsletter

·        Work with juvenile offenders

·        Help in our office

·        Work in fundraisers

·        Take photographs

·        Create online videos

·        Monitor chat rooms

·        Social Media Re-tweets, blogging and more!

Want to help? Please print and fill out the volunteer application form today. 

Email us at countmein@hopeforhealing.org
Download the form now 
or Application.doc.

All personal information is kept private to the fullest extent allowed by law.

We look forward to welcoming you to our team!