About our Founder

Name: Gayle Crabtree
Founder: of Hope For Healing.Org


Recognitions and Awards:

Founder Gayle Crabtree or the Hope for Healing.Org website
(formerly the Rape Recovery Help and Info. Page)
has been recognized or written about in the following:

2002 National Daily Point of Light - Points of Light Foundation
As part of this designation she received recognition from, President George Bush and President George W. Bush (among others)
The website began in 1995 and was originally named the Rape Recovery Help and Info Page. In 2001, it was renamed Hope for Healing.Org which is also the organization's nonprofit name. Since the beginning, the website has received the following honors.

Please note: Many of the companies referenced below are no longer in business. Hope for Healing.Org has survived the dot.com boom the dot.com bust and everything in-between.

For an up to date list of recognitions follow her blog.

Here is a partial list of recognitions. Many of these date back to 2000 or earlier.

Yahoo Cool Site
Terrashare Valuable Resource Award
Geocities �A� List
Golden Web Award
Awebpage.Com Award of Excellence
Wolf Pack Award by Officer Barron of the Jacksonville, FL Police Dept.
PC Online News Outstanding Website Award
Hot Springs Spa Community Leader of The Month July 1998 (Geocities)
Featured Lady of The Heart Designation 1997
Hoping For A Safer World Award 1997
Phenomenal Women Of The Web 1998
Best Of The Web 1998

Written about in:

Copshock -by Allen R. Cates, United States
Backpacking with God -by Dee Tobin, Australia
Computers for All- Scandavian Computer Magazine
Featured Homepage Internet Research Project Phd. Dissertation


Local News Media Include:

At one time or another the Rape Recovery Help and Info Page either is or

has been linked to from many other pages including but not limited to:

(If you find a page with the old url on it of www.geocities.com/hotsprings/2402 please ask their web designer to update to www.hopeforhealing.org. We're going as fast as we can but we need your help.Thanks.)

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