Hope For Healing. Org

Board of Directors And Founder: 

Founder: Gayle Crabtree 
Survivor, mother and executive director of Hope for Healing.Org. She has worked with victims of domestic violence by volunteering with organizations since 1994. Gayle is the wife of a United Methodist Pastor and has extensive speaking experience. Her personal website is Gayle Crabtree.com.


Rose Bowers 
Board Chair of Hope for Healing.Org. She has been involved with the organization by serving in several capacities since 2006.


Jan Powell

is the organizationís secretary. She is also a United Methodist and has worked with Hope for Healing.Org for several years. Jan chairs our fundraising team and is part of the team that physically sewed the Hope Quilt.

Jeremy Lawson

Became part of Hope for Healing.Org in late 2008. He is a United Methodist who has played an active role in several areas of the ministry.


Susan Suafoa-Dinino

is the Founder and Executive Director of SpeakingOut Against Child Sexual Abuse. She joined the Board of Directors for Hope for Healing.Org in 2010.


Rev. John Crabtree

Has served as an advisor to Hope for Healing.Org since 2002. He is a United Methodist pastor and husband of Gayle Crabtree.



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on this list by emailing: hello@hopeforhealing.org.


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