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New! By founder Gayle Crabtree: Does God Still Love Me? is now available. Click this link for more information, chapter excerpts and more! Ever wondered if God was listening? Do you feel like you are the only one questioning after being assaulted? Based on 10 years of healing and thousands upon thousands of emails and conversations with other survivors. Does God Still Love Me? dares to answer some of the hard questions asked by Survivors. All profits will benefit Hope for Healing.Org.

      Most of these purchases will help Hope For Healing.Org without costing you any more than you would normally spend. Please use these links whenever you make online purchases from Amazon.Com.  We appreciate your support.



I Never Called It Rape:
The Ms. Report on Recognizing, Fighting, and Surviving Date and Acquaintance Rape 

by Robin Warsaw


A survivor writes:

"I never had called it rape. This book helped me see what happened to me as a teen for what it really was. Tell everybody you know that this is an important book if you've ever wondered if it was rape or if it wasn't."....                                                                                     Tina Read Gayle's review on Associated Content. Use your back button to return here to buy the book & support Hope for Healing.Org.




The Hider's Story

 by Jacqueline Gordon,  242 pages

Gayle writes: "Many thanks to Jacqueline for allowing us a preview copy of her book. This is a story of her recovery from years of sexual abuse at the hands of her father and how she found healing. Sometimes sad, sometimes frustrating, Jacqueline candidly looks at the beliefs of her family of origin and struggles against other's wishes for her to "forgive and forget" what happened. Along the way, she finds healing and urges us all to "choose the path of goodness" in our own lives. "




The Immaculate Perception: A Life's Journey...
By Karon Aghotte-Rice 


Gayle Writes:

 "This is the novel I personally want to take with me if I ever get strangled on a deserted island. The book moves right along and will move you with it. You'll want to cry with the main character Sincerely Young. You'll want to laugh with her and enjoy life (and death) with her. It's not strictly a recovery book but it's excellent reading and handles women's issues well."

(Note: Note: This writer was kind enough to allow me a business cash advance copy to review with no money down. We appreciate the book.)

No Visible Scars by Alison Werth.
For sample chapters click on her book title. It's a book of poetry every survivor should read.
 (Note: You have to order this directly from the publisher. Hope For Healing.Org receives no commission on this particular book.)

Solutions  by Leslie Cameron Bandler
A Survivor writes:
"it is in part a transcript of how a rape victim was helped using mental coding technology. Interesting."

Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality by James and Woodsmall 
A Survivor Writes:
"the part on timeline is directly beneficial to eliminating both the trauma of rape and how to easily eliminate the life limiting beliefs that are spawned in such a moment"

The Sexual Healing Journey by Wendy Maltz published by Harper Perennial (1991). 
A survivor writes:
 "It was a good first book for me because she lays out what sexual assault is, how it affects us and our partners, and she constantly gives encouragement and reminders that we are not to blame, that what we feel is ok."

The Wounded Heart:

Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Dan B. Allender
A survivor writes:
 "This book was recommend to me by a teacher at school, who was date raped. It helped."... Cassie

After The Silence: Rape And My Journey Back by Nancy Venable Raine.
" This was recommended by a survivor who says " I am a rape survivor and I recommend anyone who has suffered this unspeakable act, you must read this book.".

Telling: A Memoir of Rape and Recovery  by Patricia Francisco. 
A survivor writes:
"It is published by HarperCollins, and has thus far received glowing reviews and notices. I think it may be helpful".

The Rape Poems  by Frances Driscoll.
"This is a book of poetry every survivor might be interested in. For more information click on the book title above."

Sexual Violence  by Linda A. Fairstein. 
A survivor writes: "It is a good book with a different viewpoint. It was written by the Director of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit in Manhattan. Written in language that anyone can understand it can really help you learn the inner workings of the legal system."

Taking Back My Life  by Nancy Ziegenmeyer 
A survivor writes:
"I am a survivor and reading this book
( it is a true story ) gave me much encouragement. I would recommend to any victim( or survivor)"  It is an excellent book of courage and survival!"

Transforming a Rape Culture  Edited by: Emilie Buchwald, Pamela Fletcher, Martha Roth. 
Gayle writes:
This is an excellent book for anyone who is trying to understand the cultural problems surrounding rape. No, it's not easy, light reading, but it's well worth the plunge. "


Trauma and Recovery
by Judith Herman, M.D.

Gayle writes:
"This is a book that no survivor should skip on reading. The information is very good, and helpful. Too bad there's not more books like this!! The print is a little small making the information hard to read sometimes but don't pass on it!"

The Courage to Heal  by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis
co-wrote this book to go along with the following: 

The Courage to Heal Workbook  by Laura Davis. 
A survivor writes:
"I just thought they were very good books and may be of value to somebody else."


Beginning to Heal
by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis. 

Gayle writes:
This is an excellent beginning point for those of us who may not be ready for the books and workbook listed above.

by Susan Brownmiller   A survivor writes:
"This is a good book to read for those wanting a clearer understanding of what it means to be feminine." 

Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape  by Susan Brownmiller
Gayle writes:
It is a powerful book chronicling the history of rape from the biblical era to current day thinking.  Definitely an eye opener."

Who's Afraid of the Dark?   by Cynthia Carousella. 
Gayle writes:
"I loved this book. It was very helpful to me to read others stories. It deals with different individuals reactions to being raped even years after the event happened."

Making Sense of Suffering  by J.Konrad Stettbacher Foreward

 “A self-help strategy that readers can pursue on their own to regain memories and sort out their reactions to the abuse” --San Francisco Chronicle.
No comments yet. If you've read it, let us know. 

Healing the Child Within
by Charles L. Whitfield M.D. Recovery for adult children of dysfunctional families. 
No comments yet. If you've read it, let us know. 

Surviving the Silence: Black Women's Stories of Rape  by Charlotte Pierce-Baker
No comments yet. If you've read it, let us know. 

What About Me? A Guide for Men  by Grant Cameron
Written by a man who helped his wife deal with her abuse.
No comments yet. If you've read it, let us know. 

Why Me? the Story of Jenny by Patricia Dizenzo. 
Gayle writes:
"The characters in this book may be fictitious but the power and the message behind the work is very real and moving."

Journey to Wholeness: Healing from the Trauma of Rape  by: Vicki Aranow, Monique Lang
A survivor write: "It helped me. That's all I can say."

 Yesterday, I Cried  by: Iyanla Vanzant 
Gayle writes: "This was a very powerful and helpful book.  It discusses Lyanla's personal stories of being neglected, abused, unloved, raped and all of the negative self beliefs these traumas caused." 

Beauty Restored:

Finding Life and Hope after Date Rape by Me Ra Koh, Stephen Arterturn
If you've read it please let us know.

For Relationships:
Search Now:

Trust After Trauma:
A Guide to Relationships for Survivors and Those Who Love Them
  by Aphrodite Matsakis
Beth, a website visitor, writes: "I actually own this book. I've read it over and over and it is excellent. It covers everything from telling your story to what to do when loved ones trigger memories of the assault. And it contains lots of very helpful exercises to walk you through every step of the healing process. I would recommend it to anyone!"

I Thought We'd Never Speak Again: 
The Road from Estrangement to Reconciliation
  by Laura Davis
Gayle Writes: "This book provided me with some helpful insights into making my already terrific relationship even better. I also would like to thank Laura Davis for allowing me the opportunity to preview the book. It gives some practical suggestions and could be very helpful."


Little Girl Lost:

One Woman's Journey beyond Rape  by Leisha Joseph and Deb Mendenhall
Gayle wrote: "Excellent book. It's good for couples. It's honest and forthright. Deals with emotional issues. I found the way she handled issues with her attacker to be moving and inspiring. I strongly encourage reading this book."



Haunted Marriage
Overcoming the Ghosts of Your Spouse's Childhood Abuse 
by Clark E. Barshinger


                           Gayle writes:

 "Absolutely excellent! This is a wonderful resource for anyone wanted to understand better what's going on with his/her spouse during the recovery process."

No Longer A Secret  The Church and Violence Against Women 
by Aruna Gnanadason. 
A Survivor Writes: "This book raises some strong questions asking where the Church is in relation to ending violence."

Sexual Assault Will I Ever Feel Okay Again?   by Kay Scott 
Gayle writes: "This is a well written Christian book. The author takes you on her journey in healing from rape through her college years and beyond. It's very reassuring."

Sexual Violence: The Unmentionable Sin  by Marie M. Fortune
A Survivor Writes: "Good book."

Woman Thou Art Loosed!
Healing the Wounds of the Past  by T. D. Jakes. 
Gayle writes: "This author also has a workbook available to go along with this guide. It is eye-opening and offers hope to those who will read it."

Intended Harm
Our guest writes "It's a true story about a woman who when she was seventeen years old, was kidnapped, raped and almost murdered by a stranger who hit her with his truck while she was riding her bicycle. Her book, Intended Harm, tells the story of how it happened, how she survived, how she dealt with it, and how it has changed her over the years. It's an inspirational story of healing and forgiveness."

For Men: 

Male on Male Rape:
The Hidden Toll of Stigma and Shame  by Michael Scarce

Wounded Boys Heroic Men: A Man's Guide to Recovering from Child Abuse
by Daniel Jay Sonkin, Lenore E. A. Walker

Speaking Our Truth:
Voices of Courage and Healing for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

by Neal King, Thomas Moore  

Helpful Novels
This is a fictional account based on the author's life experiences. Dawn was kind enough to donate a review copy and to visit our chat room to talk about her book. While the rape scene may be triggering for a survivor I think it is an accurate representation of  the thought processes some of us may go through. It's a good book and especially useful for anyone trying to understand a survivor.
(Note:  If you order the book please mention us. Dawn Lyons will donate 50% of the profit from books sold through her website to Hope For Healing.Org. Additionally, all books will be signed by the author.) Author Website


From the unique perspective of a psychologist who embarks upon a journey to find out the truth behind the  hazy half-memories and half-dreams of her childhood. Desperately seeking answers she is lead down paths not unlike those of some of the very patients she has vowed to help. All the while she struggles with the question "Is this real?" 
This 450 page book shines light on the dark silence which too-often hides the voices of victims of childhood exploitation, sexual and physical abuse.

(Note:  This book may be ordered directly from the author or from Amazon.Com. If you order from the author please mention Hope For Healing.Org. We appreciate Dr. Karriker's support & the opportunity to review an advance copy of Morning Come Quickly.)  Author Website 

It Never Stops is by new author Barbie Durbin. The main character is fictional but based on real life. If you've read it and would like to let us know more about the book please click here to send us an email.

Author Website

A Sparrow's Sigh  by Mark James  Lorensen 
A fiction novel about a mother fighting to overcome the rape that bore her son while searching for the healing that they both need.

Extra-Curricular  by Anne M. Hasselbrack
a novel of rape on campus

 Hard To Find Books Suggested by Survivors

Where I Stopped: 
Remembering an Adolescent Rape  by Martha Ramsey
A Survivor Writes: "It's out of print but I liked the book It helped. Try a used book store."

Free of the Shadows: 
Recovering from Sexual Violence  by Karen Adams

Victims of Sexual Violence: 
A Handbook for Helpers  by Colleen A. Ward and Fathiah Inserto
Rape: The Misunderstood Crime  by Julie A. Allison, Lawrence S. Wrightsman, 
Lawrence S.Wrightman (Contributor) 
Attitudes toward Rape: 
Feminist and Social Psychological Perspectives
by Colleen Ward
Victim of Rape: 
Institutional Reactions
by Lynda Lytle Holmstrum and Ann Wolbert
The Case for Taking the Date Out of Rape by Aileen McColgan The Danger from Strangers: 
Confronting the Threat of Assault
  by James D. Brewer
Rape: What Would You Do if-- ? by Dianna Daniels Booher


Savage Shadows: 
Eileen Ross's True Story of Blindness, 
Rape, and Courage
    by Eileen Ross, Thorn Bacon and Ursala Bacon
Second Assault: 
Rape and Public Attitudes
 by Joyce E. Williams and Karen A. Holmes
Victims  by Leslie McGuire

Telling the Truth: 
Preaching against Sexual and Domestic Violence 

by John S. McClure and Nancy J. Ramsay

A Woman Like You: 
The Face of Domestic Violence
  by Vera Anderson
Women, Violence and Male Power: 
Feminist Activism, Research and Practice
  by Marianne Hester,Jill Radford and Liz Kelly
Everything You Need to Know
About Dealing with Sexual Assault
by Laura Kaminker
Sexual Violence by Marie Marshall Fortune How Can Sexual Violence Be Reduced? by Mary E. Williams and Tamara L. Roleff
Issues in Intimate Violence by Requel Kennedy Bergen  

This page is continuously being updated.
If you have read a book that you found helpful email us to have it added here. Please include the title and author of the book and if possible the ISBN. Thank you.


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