You can also download free brochures on rape and domestic violence right from this website.
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My Prayer Journal
Need help keeping a prayer journal? Always thought you would but didn't know how? This booklet is a handy start on how to do just that. This 28 page booklet is designed for those who have never kept a prayer journal before, but can be used by those more seasoned. Please contact us for a free .pdf for you to print out.

Girlfriend To Girlfriend  Free Download PDF File  (Requires Adobe Reader)


The Work We Do. Free PDF Download (Requires Adobe Reader)
Informational brochure about Hope For Healing.Org, what services we offer and recognitions received.

Steps to Healing: Free PDF Download
Based on the concept of the 12 steps used by many to overcome problems, this booklet can help you work through some of the issues related to healing. Ideal for anyone wanting to develop a local support group or work on issues on their own.

Myths and Facts About Sexual Assault: Free PDF Download (Requires Adobe Reader)
Think you know all the answers? This booklet may surprise you. A quiz and answer booklet on
common myths surrounding sexual assault including references for further study. Good to use with
groups, training, information fairs or anytime you want to raise awareness about rape.

Helping Clergy Turn Victims Into Survivors Free PDF Download
After rape, a victim or family member often turns to a trusted member of the clergy. Often, the victim will then be unintentionally hurt by untrained ministers. Do you know how to respond? What would you do or say? What are the statistics? Given at the United Methodist Church Annual Conferences in both the North Carolina and Holston conferences, this booklet will open the door to helping you be better equipped to deal with this serious problem.

Things Not To Say Free PDF Download (Requires Adobe Reader)
When disaster strikes, no one knows for sure what to say. That's where this booklet is a help. Taken from our online list, this brochure is helpful at least in choosing what not to say to a survivor. Great for friends and family.