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Child Abuse must be stopped

The saddest thing in
America is the sight of an abused child,
hopes dashed, a spirit broken like a raw wound open and bleeding.
It happens all too often in homes across the world today.

Who should intervene?


1. Anyone who suspects child abuse should report it. This means you and me.  Some people such as doctors, ministers, and school teachers are required by law to report it. We all should if we have concrete knowledge of a child being abused. Some states only require the suspicion of child abuse to be reported.

 2. If a child comes to you telling of abuse you must believe the child. It is crucial that action be taken as soon as possible. Some children may not have another day to tell. Believe, reassure the child, and report it to the proper authorities immediately.

3. Don't hesitate to do whatever needs to be done for the protection of the child. This is more than just following the law for your state, it may save a life.

 4. Children are often victims of threats besides force. Coming forward is extremely difficult for a child to do and should always be believed and taken seriously.

We tell our children to tell an adult if something's going on. Will you take the time to help a child if she/he comes to you? You could be making a life and death difference.

Where do you go to report or to get more information?
Try your local Department of Child Services or your local police department.

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Childhood Sexual Abuse
The Hidden Shame

While Child Abuse has many forms, perhaps the ugliest is childhood sexual abuse. Please, if you are a victim of this type of abuse, know that there is support and help available.

If you know someone who you think is a victim, please report it.

Secrets like this only devastate the child. Most abusers are someone the child should be able to trust. If a child ever confides in you believe the child and take appropriate action immediately. It is never the child's fault for being victimized. It is a myth that reporting abuse like this will shatter a family unit. In most cases, the family is already emotionally shattered. It is only by exposing the abuser and getting help for the family that there can ever be hope of a future for all concerned. 

If you are a victim, please know that what happened was not your fault. You deserve the help and support you need to heal. To help you research books that may help an Amazon.com link appears on the right. There may be a hotline or support group near you.

It's never too late to reach for support.


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