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A Survivor's Prayer

(for ALL who have been sexually assaulted, sexually or 
physically abused & or raped) ([female & male alike])

Gracious Lord and Most Heavenly Father, 

How I do worship & praise Your Name, Gracious Heavenly Father, I come before You as a humble servant, not worthy of Your Grace or Forgiveness. But I accept what You have freely given. Lord incline Your ear and hear my prayer!! Lord You are an AWESOME God full of Mercy and Grace!!

Lord I pray for all those who have been sexually assaulted, sexually or physically abuse & or raped. My Lord, they are hurting, confused, frustrated, uncertain of what the future holds. They have all these feelings inside, and are going through much Lord. Help them in their journey, as they try to deal with what's happened to them and all these feelings that are in side.

Lord God I uplift each and everyone of them believer and nonbeliever alike and place them in Your Loving & Healing Arms. Father, You know their pain, You've felt their shame. Lord help them to overcome their shame, their pain, and all that goes with it. My God hold each and everyone so tightly filling them with Your love.
Allow them to feel Your arms around them. Help them to see Your shining Face and feel Your warm Embrace.

My Father I know that You too feel not only their pain, but their frustration & mistrust. What has happened Lord should never have been. And Lord at times we blame You for this, or wonder why You didn't intercede on our behalf and prevent it. Help us to realize that it was man who did this to us, and not You and that all this will in time glorify Your Kingdom. Father help them through this time of doubt, resentment, blame, and anger at You. Lord our FEARS are many as well as our TEARS. Gracious Father, I ask You to wipe away the tears and help calm the fears. Help us to see that even when we feel that You have abandoned us and we turn away, that even tho we feel and think that we have left You, You have never left us. That once we are Yours You will never leave us or forsake us!!

We know that You could have done just that, but that since man sinned and was given a choice, of good & evil and the narrow path which is long and hard to seek You. Or the wide, supposedly safer path that satan has provided. And that not everyone belongs to You and would harm those because they listen to satan's lies.
Lord God our hearts are heavy with PAIN!! The bible tells us that not only when 2 or 3 are gathered together in Your Name, there You are. But also that what ever we ask for in Your Son Jesus Christ's Name will be granted.

And that You too feel our pain, our sorrow, our suffering and our shame. Help us to put the blame of what has happened where it belongs, and that on our journey of victory, survival & healing that in time we may forgive those who have hurt us. WORRIES are great Lord!

But we thank You Heavenly Father for those You have put in our path, to help us along the way to heal and become VICTORIOUS!! Those who support us, understand us, help us, encourage us, those we can lean on. Lord some are confused, and others pull away from us, or they want to help & understand but don't know how. Some say hurtful things. They don't mean to but it hurts none the less. Help them to better understand what they've done Lord.

Father carry those of us who are weary from the battle of taking back what was stolen from us. Keep us in Your wonderful care. Help those who struggle greatly, no matter what it may be. Lord Jesus, help us when we lose it and panic. Lord keep us from going over the edge, and help us when things trigger us and cause all sorts of things to happen and take place. These feelings are great, and at times we just don't know what to do. Lord!

May all who need Your strength, Your grace, & Your mercy share what You have done for them. Help even those who don't know Your Son as their personal Saviour, let Your Light Shine through those of us who belong to You. Make us Your example and testimony to Your Sustaining Grace as well as Your strength. May they see You in us and come to know You better and ask about You and become a Precious & Worthy Child of God.

If I've forgotten to mention anything Lord I ask that You cover it with Your love and understand. Search my heart oh Lord and know what I say to be true, and know that I care about all who've been hurt in this way. Not just because I ask it in Your Son's Name, but because I am there too!! Take all this that has happened to us and as Joseph said, to his brothers, you intended what happened to us to be for evil but God is using it for good, and for the Glory of His Kingdom. Lord use what has happened to us be used for the glory of Your Kingdom. 

OH!!!! LORD!!!! how I do worship and praise Your Holy Name.

Bless each one of us who are on this journey of healing. 

Father I ask that for those who are bitter, ease their pain. Those who hurt, hold on to them and Lord whisper in each and everyone's ear and tell them how much You Love them and are proud of how far they've come. That they have survived and tho the battle is long and weary You are there to catch them when they stumble and fall.
Your word says that You will not let us fall. That You will catch us and carry us till we are strong enough and can resume the battle. Gracious & Merciful Father I ask that those who don't have a support group, a therapist, counselor, encouragers, medication needed to deal with certain problems, people (friends, family, or what ever) in their balcony cheering them on to VICTORY!!!! and continued HEALING!! Lord Jesus what ever the need is I ask it be fulfilled, in Your Name.

Gracious Lord we all need people in our balcony, we can't go it alone, we keep stumbling and feel like we are drowning. Help us to tread water and see all the wonderful blessing all around us. Help us to take that leap of faith, to step out on nothing and finding that You are there holding us up. Lord we have been filled with so many negative things because of what has happened to us that we forget that there are blessings all around. Help us to see those blessings and be thankful and Praise Your Name. Lord help us to realize that not only do they have many in their balcony cheering them on to VICTORY & HEALING!!!! But that You are all around us, giving us blessings and healing our wounds, whether, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. You are there in our balcony cheering us on!

Lord Jesus I ask also in Your Name that a hedge of protection be place around each and everyone male or female that has been sexually abuse, or assaulted or raped, how ever many times. Lord we all have our story of what has happened to us, each and every one different & unique. On this hedge of protection Gracious Lord Jesus surround it with pointy barbs pointing outward to prick all who would come and try to hurt us. Lord this is to include satan himself. Pick us up Lord and brush us off, when we've hit rock bottom and tried to go it alone, and trying so hard to hide what's happened and burying the pain and become dead inside. Turning to drugs & alcohol to numb the memories & kill the pain. We realize now Lord there's no where else to go but up & turn to YOU for HELP!

Lord God I ask that You meet each and everyone of us at our point of pain. Help us to heal and lean not only on those who know what it's like because they've been there too, but on You as well. Help us to put You first, and realize that You will help us do the rest. Father some of us have been hurt deeply, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Lord some have been hurt physically, some are dealing with OH!! so much more than we could ever possibly understand, help us all to heal, and put the right people in our path to help them along the way.

Father some have tried suicide, some continually hurt themselves because they feel the need to be punished because of what has happened to them. Help them to see it is not their fault and they have nothing to be ashamed of they are not to blame for what someone else did to them, that they are not wearing a sign telling the whole world what has happened. Give them Your Peace that passeth all understanding. Help them to heal, and to not let what happened to them continue to rule their life. But to take back control of our lives and live beyond what has happened, and to be able to draw on life's experiences to help others.

Lord as we struggle with pain (emotionally, mentally, spiritually and or physically) and flashbacks, nightmares and all that comes from what we've been through. Bind us together Lord in Your love and healing. Help each and everyone of us to deal with what ever our struggles may be. Show us the way Lord, and give us Your strength to endure and to continue on in our healing & in our life.

I ask all this in Your Precious & Holy Name Lord,

Love in His Blessed Name

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