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Guidelines for all
Hope For Healing.Org lists,
forums, and message boards.

 For the purposes of making things clearer to understand the words "forum" or "forums"

 are used when referring to any of the chats, lists, groups or forums associated with Hope For Healing.Org.


    Let us remind you that there are no therapists in the forums/lists or chats associated

with Hope For Healing.Org. We respectfully request that you call a hotline, seek help from a rape crisis center or a private therapist if you feel you need or would benefit from professional help, if you have any thoughts of or are remotely considering suicide.

     By using the website and all associated chat rooms that are a part of Hope For Healing.Org you are indicating that you are 18 or older and have read and agree to follow the guidelines below. You also agree to hold harmless all people involved with Hope for Healing.Org in any capacity as volunteers or paid staff. You further agree to read and adhere to the following guidelines:

  My hat is off to all the volunteers who give their time to help make Hope For Healing.Org the oasis of hope that it is. We are all better off for the support of others and especially these great people!  

      If you choose to use any of our forums you agree to take responsibility for your own actions and your own healing. We are simply survivors helping survivors. We offer peer-based support.

     Here's a few things to clear up any misunderstandings and generally make life easier. Most of it's just the common sense stuff we've followed for the past few years only now it's written down. 

     To make it easier for anyone who has a question, problem with another member, security idea, or anything else that you want to discuss, contact us at the email address here:


Guidelines for General Use of Website, Forums, Groups and Chats

1. What is said in the room stays in the room.

2. No one can delete members except moderators and managers. 

3. Posting open lists to the board will not work and such lists will 
be deleted as they are discovered. If you want to post about your list email us first. The same goes for surveys. 

4. The support forums, groups & clubs are not private. They will not be made private except for very rare circumstances. At all times, please keep in mind that this is the internet and behave accordingly. 

5. If someone finds a member to have a profile that you feel is questionable email the moderators or founder. This does not mean the member will be automatically deleted. 

6. Deletions are between Hope For Healing.Org and the member deleted. We do not share information on why except to that member. 

7. Posts must be on topic. If you are posting something that may trigger another member please remember to put "TW" or "tw" in the subject line. This will allow the member to be be better able to avoid the post if they feel the need.

8. Inspirational messages may be posted if the member posting says how the message relates to healing. Postings of "email this to everyone" and email forwards and other messages will be deleted. 

9. If you are suicidal, we respectfully ask that you call a hotline such as: 1.800. suicide or email the Samaritans from their url: http://www.samaritans.org.uk

Please note: If you are suicidal we will do our best to notify your local law enforcement through your ISP or other means so you may get the help you deserve &  need. 

10. No disrespect towards others. 
     This includes using all caps, lurking, flaming, failing to keep "littles" under control, beginning or participating in a verbal barrage against another person, 'researching', using triggering language after being asked to stop or "playing games" in the chat rooms or any other situation defined by the moderators or forum management to be offensive. 

11.  If you have an issue with another person or the founder, use email, not the boards. Messages violating this rule will be deleted.

12. Posting or copying of other members' emails may not be done without permission of the person writing the original email. (This is a copyright violation and you can be sued.) 

13.  Messages may be removed at the discretion of  the founder or moderators.

14.  The decision of the founder is final.

15. Members violating these guidelines are subject to disciplinary action. That may include any or all of the following: being locked out, gagged, removed or deleted - according to the forum capability - and (as a last resort) they may have a complaint filed against them to their ISP, email provider and chat/forum service provider.

16. Please refrain from posting personal phone numbers or addresses in any of the forums.

17. No messages regarding hospitalizations or attacks are to be posted without supporting, verifiable information being first provided to forum moderators or owners. This information will be kept strictly confidential among the moderators &/or owners. Violators will be subject to possible removal and post deletion.

18. All messages must pertain to the person writing them. Posts such as "I'm posting for" or "______ asked me to post for them." or "update on so and so" may be removed.

    Hope for Healing.Org is not responsible for content posted by members.

     During 2002 an estimated 4 million people accessed the Hope For Healing.Org site, forums and message boards. In, 2004 we received over 9+ million hits. Always keep in mind that the information you post can be viewed by anyone. Please do not post personal identifying information such as phone numbers, addresses or work email addresses. We will not be responsible for information posted (except when posted by staff of Hope For Healing.Org). Further, we will not be responsible for anything that results from anyone using information posted in such a manner. By accessing our forums, sites, board or infomration you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Hope for Healing.Org, our board of directors, staff, volunteers and associates.

 Updated August 17, 2006


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