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Our homes are where we feel the safest. Our homes are our refuge after a busy day at work, school or play. It is where we rely on to be able to relax and refocus. When someone intrudes upon our home, our sanctuary we often feel shocked that it could occur. That is something that's supposed to happen to "us". It's supposed to be somebody else.

 Hopefully some of the tips here will be helpful so it won't happen to you.

 Keep your door and window areas open and clear of shrubbery or anything that could block your or a neighbor's view of your home. This makes it more difficult for someone trying to break into your home to have a place to hide.

Under your windows plant bushes, such as roses, with thorns to try to detract someone from coming in a window.

 Make certain all windows are locked and cannot be opened from the outside by someone trying to break in.

 Keep all ladders, scaffolding or anything someone could use to climb on to reach a window safely under lock an key. Burgulars will seize these opportunities when they are available so beware.

Whenever possible use deadbolt locks on all doors and be sure any glass in or next to the doors is substituted with nonbreakable acrylic. It does very little good to have a good thick door on your house and the best lock you can buy, if all an intruder has to do is kick a window in next to your door.

 Use of steel security doors is said by some to help. If you use this make sure your peephole can be used by any member of the household. Never under any circumstances allow a child to answer the door. Always verify who's on the other side of the door before it is opened.Opening the door should always be handled by an adult.

 Home security systems can be a deterrent also. There are many different kinds available. Some are attached via modem to your local police department, others go to a central area where alarms are monitored most frequently by a security company. Wireless versions that emit a high pitched siren are available for apartments and run primarily on batteries.

 Outdoor lighting is a help as well. There are lights that you turn off and on manually, Some lights are triggered by darkness coming on when it is dark and turning themselves off during the daytime. Other lights can be put on timers. My favorite is the motion sensor light. This lights up whenever the sensor detects motion. It can be great when you are coming home at night and need to see to get into your home. It also lights up would be intruders.

 The down side to motion sensors is they also light up for dogs, cats, cars, and other animals or birds. It is tuned to turn on to movement, not to detect what kind of movement is the cause. You may have to adjust your light several times before it suits you but is well worth the effort.

 If you are going out of town make arrangements for mail and newspaper to be picked up by someone. Make your home seem like someone is there by having a car go in and out of your home daily.

 If you are leaving a car, make arrangements that it be moved on a daily or periodic basis until you return. This too, will help your home seem lived in. If you can afford it you can also hire a housesitter.

 Timer devices can be purchased almost anywhere and are easy to install. This will allow your lights to go off and on at certain intervals. Different types are available so shop around for one you like.

Notify the police department of how long you will be gone so they can arrange for more frequent patrolling if they have the labor to do so. Not every city will do this but it is worth a phone call to find out.

 Some people like having a gun at thier disposal. This is something I know nothing about. You could contact the National Rifle Association or a local gun shop for details about gun ownership and safety.

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