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Incest Help

A silent crime leading to a silent shame.  Incest survivors carry deep hidden scars.
How prevalent is it? No one really knows. All survivors know is that this happens.
Survivors know it happens all too often.

There is support and hope available. The following links are only a few of many
sites which may offer to  lift a survivor out of despair and into the light of healing.

Incest survivors particularly, seem to bear the shame from the abuse. Please, know
that it was not your fault. An innocent child does not bring this on themselves. You
are not excluded. Bearing the shame of someone else's guilt is only one of the lies
given when the unspeakable act occurs.

It is not your fault. It never was your fault. It never will be your fault.
Please don't suffer in silence anymore.

Bearing Through It
Escaping Hades
Stop Sexual Abuse
Midnight Secrets
Voices in Action
  Butterflies - Thoughts on Being an Incest Survivor
 Stop It Now
  National Clearinghouse
on Child Abuse
  Healing Woman
  For Your Healing
  National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization 

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