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July 1998 Healing News

Article: The Rape Of Mr. Smith.
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"The Rape" of Mr. Smith--is an eye opening dialogue that might help some survivors see the way 
the just system has treated them in a different light.

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"The Rape" of Mr. Smith

 By: Anonymous

The law discriminates against rape victims in a manner which would not be tolerated by victims of any other
crime. In the following example, a holdup victim is asked questions similar in form to those usually asked a victim 
of rape.

 "Mr. Smith, you were held up at gunpoint on the corner of 16th and Locust?"
 "Did you struggle with the robber?"
 "Why not?"
    "He was armed."
 "Then you made a conscious decision to comply with his demands rather than to resist?"
 "Did you scream? Cry out?"
    "No. I was afraid."
 "I see. Have you ever been held up before?"
  "Have you ever given money away?"
     "Yes, of course--"
  "And did you do so willingly?"
     "What are you getting at?"
  "Well, let's put it like this, Mr. Smith. You've given away money in the past--in fact, 
you have quite a reputation for philanthropy. How can we be sure that you weren't 
contriving to have your money taken from you by force?"
"Listen, if I wanted--"
"Never mind. What time did this holdup take place, Mr.Smith?"
    "About 11 p.m."
   "You were out on the streets at 11 p.m.? Doing what?"
     "Just walking."
"Just walking? You know it's dangerous being out on
 the street that late at night. Weren't you aware that you could have been held up?"
     "I hadn't thought about it."
"What were you wearing at the time, Mr. Smith?"
      "Let's see. A suit. Yes, a suit."
 "An expensive suit?"
 "In other words, Mr. Smith, you were walking around
 the streets late at night in a suit that practically advertised the 
fact that you might be a good target for some easy money, 
isn't that so? I mean, if we didn't know better, 
Mr. Smith, we might even think you were asking for
this to happen, mightn't we?"
   "Look, can't we talk about the past history of the guy who did this to me?"
"I'm afraid not, Mr. Smith. I don't think you would want to violate his 
rights, now, would you?"


I don't expect my happiness to last for long--
Never fool myself that my dreams won't sing there song
The pains always found.
It doesn't matter if I walk or Run-- I never seem to find the end.
It's time to stop, it's time to end--the pain seems so new.
Even though, it's deeply rooted in my soul through and through.
The feelings are still there and so true a harsh reality it's hard to run.
Who will care, the hurt will finally end.
Every time you tried to hurt me --I just would hurt myself
I never seem to mend.
The silence, the words not there--Just wounds
It was so long ago, but it's all coming back...
Moments of horror and flashes of terror It's all I know.....
Let's just do it, Let's just finally get the peace...
I am longing for.....

Till death do us part

 It's my heart you broke and never gave me a chance to live, you destroyed me at 13....
It's the dreams you left me with and always afraid of sleeping or waking...
It's my soul that you left dying...
It's the life I was entitled to that you darkened--you Fein.
It's the bloody bitterness eating away at me as I try to exist....
It's the pain you left me with each Doctors appointment I try to resist...
It's the tears you left in my eyes that can't be shed for fear you instill...
It's the open wounds you left me to fill...
It's the pain that is all around....
It's the peace that can not be found...
It's the troubled bloody waters you left me to tread--till death do us part.
I turn my head ...

Rebecca Lynn Phillips 

TORTURED SOULS We are empathetic towards one another,
Our souls deteriorating with each other
Together we stay deep in thought,
Hoping happiness will soon be sought.

We are tortured souls, searching
Searching our hearts and our pasts
Forever fearing what may be lurking
Hoping that this misery will not last!

Fear is something that we know well,
Our souls locked together in this hell
Going insane trying to escape our cells
Together we have a lot to tell!

No one cares about who we are
So our hearts cry,
Locked behind this foggy glare
Our souls die!

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 It's not your blue blood, your pedigree or your college degree. 
It's what you do with your life that counts.--Millard Fuller

 Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.--Alex Hamilton

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.--Mohammed Ali

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 The Family Violence Prevention Fund (FUND)
is a national non-profit organization that focuses on domestic violence education, prevention and public 
policy reform.

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 June 1998 Survey Results

Question 1  What is your gender?   
                   Female was selected 87 times 
                   Male was selected 1 times 
                   Don't want to answer. was selected 0 times 

 Question 2   After the incident, did you report it to the police?
                   No was selected 52 times
                   Yes was selected 34 times 
                   Don't want to answer. was selected 2 times 

 Question 3 If you reported it, did you feel your needs were met ?
                   No was selected 16 times 
                   They tried. was selected 12 times
                   Yes was selected 7 times 
                   Don't want to answer. was selected 10 times

 Question 4 Would you recommend reporting it if someone was in a similar
                   Yes was selected 42 times 
                   Unsure. was selected 37 times 
                   No was selected 8 times
                   Don't want to answer. was selected 0 times 

 Question 5 How likely would you be to report it to the police? 

               Unsure, depends on other factors. Selected 27 times
               Not Very likely was selected 17 times 
               Probably was selected 15 times
               Very likely was selected 14 times 
               No way was selected 13 times


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