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You say I am strong,
but your weaknesses I share.
You say I am brave,
but I, too, have lived through fear.
You think I have it all together,
but look deeper, past the surface charade.
Do you see the confusion, the boiling anger?
Do you see the child, shattered and afraid?
She is the reason I must feign strength,
She is the source of my focus and energy.
Without her I would die, alone and so afraid,
BUT for HER, I will fight to save me.
Cynthia M. Yarde
Cynthia's Home Page

April 1998 Survey Responses to “Rape Fears”

Question 1:
During and Immediately after the attack what was your biggest fear?

Being believed if you told someone - answered 31 times
Dying - answered 16 times
Contracting a disease - answered 10 times
Becoming badly injured(other than the assault itself)-
answered 3 times.
Becoming pregnant - answered 1 time

Question 2:
If any of your fears became reality please indicate the answers to the top 2 concerns here and on question 3.

Being believed if you told someone - answered 28 times
Contracted a disease - answered 6 times
Becoming Pregnant - answered 6 times
Becoming badly injured- answered 6 times
Nearly died - answered 1 time

Continuation of question 2:

Being believed if you told someone - answered 7 times
Contracting a disease - answered 6 times
Becoming pregnant - answered 5 times
Becoming badly injured - 5 times
Nearly died - 1 time

Question 4:
If any of these happened were you able to get the support you needed?

No - answered 29 times
Yes - answered 23 times

Question 5:
Given your experiences, would you be likely to suggest a survivor report the crime to the police?

Yes- answered 26 times
Depends on other factors- 25 times
No - answered 10 times

A total of 61 people responded to the survey. Not all people necessarily answered all questions so not all totals may add up to 61. Thank you to each of you who responded to this survey.

Look for the answers to May’s Survey Next month! If you still haven’t filled completed this month's go to Survey

 It's not necessary to fill out your name and email if you wish to remain anonymous. It's absolutely ok to do so.

Here are some sites you may want to visit:

Indigo's Inner Eye She has some links on domestic violence, a little about her, and her page is sure to bring a smile to anyone. Definitely take a look if you’re a little nostalgic about Coca-Cola (Sorry Pepsi lovers.)

Cloudy's is another site by a survivor. However; don't expect to find any clouds. Just warm welcoming sunshine, good links, and helpful information. See her at You'll be glad you did


Nashville TN Police Dept. Crime Risk Surveys Go ahead and take a survey to try to calculate your risks of being raped, robbed, stabbed, shot, or beaten.

Be careful though. The results may well suprise you. It's an eye opening sight that everyone can benefit from. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the test but is well worth the time it takes.

Many thanks to the Nashville Tennessee Police Department for putting together such a terrific tool!


"Nothing lasts forever - not even your troubles"
Arnold H Glasgow

Mae West:
"Keep a diary, and someday it'll keep you."

Andre Malraux:
"A man is the sum of his actions, of what he has done, of what he can do, nothing else."

Arthur Ashe:
"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life."

Did you know that there are changes in brain imaging studies in people who have been diagnosed with ptsd?

It's true.

The Medical School at Yale University has some information available at PTSD MRI and PET Scans

And the site Hidden Scars- Sexual and Other Abuse May Alter A Brain Region by Madhusree Mukerjee at has more information. This is a reprint of an October 1995 Scientific American article.

This newsletter is dependent upon your submissions to keep going. If anyone wishes to submit an article, poetry, quote or share a humorous joke or story please send it to HealingNews-queue@listbot.com to be included in the next newsletter.

None of this is supposed to be a substituted for professional help. There are many lists of sources on the web and in your local areas. It is merely offered as hope from survivors to survivors. We are fortunate this month to have enough information to make 2 newsletters.

Thanks everyone for making this possible.

Don't forget to keep those submissions coming!

In the fight to heal,
Gayle Crabtree

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