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Myths and Facts about rape:

1.You are safe at work.
Fact: Over 13,000 women are raped on the job each year in the United States
        (Taken from N.I.O.S.H. Nonfatal Assaults in the Workplace,
          Table 13 which states that
          13,068 women are raped on the job annually. 1994)

2. Rape doesn't happen very often.
Fact: Every 6 minutes another person is raped in the United States.
       (The Police Notebook by the University of Oklahoma, Trust Your Instincts Booklet.)

3. Rape is just "no big deal".
Fact: Rape has a devastating effect on it's victims.
Nearly one-third of all rape victims will have rape-related PTSD.
     (National Victims' Center -Now called National Center for Victims of Crime - Infolink 35)

4.Real rapes are only committed by strangers.
Fact: As many as 4/5 of the victims will know their attacker.
     (National Victims' Center -Now called National Center for Victims of Crime - Infolink 0001)

5.Women who are raped are just asking for trouble.
Fact: No one, ever, deserves to be raped. Victims cannot suffer the blame for the actions
another person uses against them.

6. Unless a weapon is used it isn't rape.
Fact: Anytime someone uses force with intercourse it is rape. The force may include weapons,
intimidation, drugs, alcohol, or a victim's own diminished mental capacity.

7. If he bought dinner she "owes" him sex.
Fact: No one "owes" sex for anything.

8. If a woman doesn't fight against her attack it isn't really rape.
Fact: Any sex act forced against another person is rape. It doesn't matter if the victim was able to
fight back or not.

9. If the victim isn't a virgin then it wasn't really rape.
Fact: Even if the victim is not a virgin and forced to have sex against that person's
wishes then it is rape.

10. Husbands can't rape their wives. It's her duty.
Fact: As many as 14% of women who have been married have also been victims of  rape by their husbands.
     ( Battered Women Support Services Pamphlet, Forced Sex in Marriage 1994.)

11. Women cry rape because they had sex and changed their minds.
Fact: Rape is the most underreported crime in the country. Only 16% are ever reported to the police.

12. If it is really rape then the victim will report it immediately.
Fact:  Responses collected from the National Women's Study show 84% of rape victims  never reported  the crime at all.
     (Taken from the Center for Diseases Control Factsheet, 2/2000)

13. She really wanted to have sex so it was ok to get rough.
Fact: We all have the right to say no, to change our minds, or decide not to have sex.
It doesn't matter what activity proceeded the "no".

14. Rape only happens to women.
Fact: Men, and children are also victims of rape.
     ( Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1997)

15. Rape only happens to women who are on the streets late at night.
Fact: Rape happens everywhere. It happens on the  job,  in our homes, in parking lots and at school.

16. I don't know anyone who's ever been raped.
Fact: Rape victims are doctors, teachers, nurses, pastor's wives, checkout clerks,
accountants, engineers or anyone. Most people know someone who has been raped.
You may just not know who it is.

These facts were compiled as a combination from information taken from the above links. For more information, click on one of the links to take you to the site where the information was obtained.

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