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January 1997- 
February 1997- Antidepressants March 1997- 
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
April 1997- Tips for Taking Care of Yourself June 1997- 
Colors of Healing
November 1997-
Stupid Comments Made
March 1998- 
Rape Impact/Healing Survey
April 1998- 
About the Rape Survey
May 1998- 
Rape and Snuff Clubs
May 1998 
Part 2- Rape Fears Survey
June 1998-
Carrying the Cross of Survivorhood
July 1998-
The Rape of Mr. Smith
August 1998- 
Sept/Oct 1998- 
Are You Safe At Work?
January 1999- Devil's Gin
February 1999- 
Romancing A Survivor
January 2000-
Things Not To Say

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