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Workplace Violence

 by Gayle Crabtree

 Do you think you are safe at work? Think again.

 Many people head out for work each day without realizing the danger involved. On the job violence is an ever increasing problem facing employees, employers and the self-employed. Yet, little is being done to realize the problem or admit that its effects could be far reaching.

 How prevalent is the problem of Workplace Violence?

 According to data from a National Crime Victimization Study done by NIOSH, for the years 1982-1997 show that each year an average of 971,517 people were victims of some type of assault while on the job.

In the victim-offender relationship a study by Bachman in l994 showed that for men 58% were assaulted by strangers, for women 40% were by strangers, 35% were assaulted by an acquaintance.

 What is being done to combat this problem?

 Some workplaces are taking the initiative to draw up an employee safety plan or are hiring security. However; in the vast majority of cases this is not required.

 O.S.H.A. has set no guidelines for employers to follow unless you are in the health care and social service fields. They are currently still developing guidelines for the late night retail establishments.

Who is at the most risk?

 The N.I.O.S.H. survery has determined that the jobs at the most risks for workplace violence to occur is: social service workers, healthcare fields, convenience stores, hotels/motel workers, taxi drivers, gas stations, liquor and jewelry stores.

 There were also certain risk factors identified. You need to be cautious if your workplace contains them:

1. Isolated building
2. Problems with lighting (either inadequate by a lack of fixtures or light bulbs burned out).
3. Poor availabilty of telephones
4. Easy, unrestricted access
5. History of security problems

Who is likely to be an offender?
An F.B.I. profile suggests that an workplace offender is often a white male in his mid thirties. The person is most of a loner. He may have lost his job or feel that the security of his job is threatened. He is a person who's identity is tied to his job. Additionally he may have a history of depression, drugs or alcohol usage, have problems in his life and may be obsessed with firearms.

What can we do?

Everyone deserves and needs to be safe at work. Yet, the leading cause of death for women at work is homocide, secondary victims are usually innocent children left behind, and other family members.

 These statistics are clearly not acceptable.

 To help combat workplace violence where you work check with Human Resources, Risk Management (or if you do not have those offices available to you in your company,) check with your manager. If there are no security policies to protect employees you can offer to help create one with your boss, Human Resources or Risk Management offices.

 Writing letters to representatives in your state legislature can help get laws created to help end this problem. Encouraging your friends and relatives to write will only help as well.

 In the meantime, try to take whatever precautions at work that you can to keep yourself safe. You deserve a working environment free from violence.

 Here are some links you may wish to explore:
US Government Survey Information

Letter from O.S.H.A. to this article's author.

Larry J. Chavez, B.A., M.P.A. Sergeant, Sacramento Police Department Hostage Negotiations Team

Workplace Violence: Preventive Steps Employers Can Take


September/October survey results

Suicide and Rape Survivors

 Question 1: Are you a survivor?

Yes selected 173 times
No selected 5 times
Skip it selected 5 times

 Question 2: Are you __?

Female selected 178 times
Male selected 5 times
Skip it selected 0 times

Question 3: Have you ever seriously considered suicide?

Yes selected 149 times
No selected 30 times
Skip it selected 4 times

Question 4: If you have considered it, was it befor or after the rape?

 Before selected 32 times
After selected 108 times
Skip it selected 32 times

 Question 5: Did the thoughts of suicide worsen after the rape if they weren't there before?

Yes selected 100 times
No selected 16 times
Skip it selected 51 times


 Suicide URL's

 Here are a few websites that may help if you are considering suicide or have lost a loved one to suicide.

 The Samaritains offer email suppor and counseling to those who are in crisis. It is confidential to the extent allowed by email.

 Suicide F.A.Q's

 Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (S.A.V.E.)

 S.A.V.E.'s What To Do If Someone You Love is Suicidal



 The Devil's Grin  by Rebecca Lynn Phillips

 Ptsd is the devil's sentence for me.
 Never knowing when it will appear.
 Yet, you always know it is near.
 The devil will lurch out and strike instilling fright.
 He will destroy the only supporters you have about.

 No matter how loudly you shout.
 They find excuses and form a different route
 Everyone scatters away and leave you in fear.
 No more love and support  -the devil is near.
 Fear of being alone and not believed is very sound.
 The devil tricked your helpers so they don't want to be around.

 All Alone the devil is sure to win 
 Torturing you with flashbacks, nightmares and a smell 
 of old gin.
 Depression is the devil's lesson.
 Suicide will gain him his longed for soul.
 Destroying your supporters was his primary goal. 
 Your life will only further suffer this painful lonely toll.
 If you give in he will win.
 Remeber suicide is the forbidden sin.
 It will surely bring the devil's sinister grin.
 Through your own ultimate sin.

 Trial by Rebecca Lynn Phillips

 Innocent until proven guilty.
 Regardless of the injuries sustained.
 What are all the accusations for?
 I shouldn't be the one blamed.
 Why isn't he being question for  a while
 Why isn't he  the one on trial.
 He is the one who made the decision to hurt.
 Why does it matter the color of my skirt.
 You say we must  focus on the criminal 's rights
 If that's the case then justice bites!
 Think of the message your questions send.
 A victim on trial can never mend.

 Can't you see?  by Gayle Crabtree

 Look at me.
 See me!
 Donít look to the outside
 but inwards to my tortured soul.
 The endless dark spaces 
 that tunnel inside like a 
 cancer eating away at my mind.
 The deep twisted paths
 leading to no-manís land
 where no one can see the cause
 of the misery lying beneath 
 the layers of me.

 Slowly, I do slip away
 and know not for sure the
 hour nor the way.

 One thing is very certain.
 Itís plainer than the day,
 Look over there. Do you see him?
 The Grim Reaper calmly stands. 

 He is ready. 
 He is waiting for me.
 He is wanting to take my hand. 
 My guide stands waiting to show me the way,
 to Death's afterland,
 where no pain any longer is to be had.
 Just stillness, and quiet forever to stay. 
Quotes to think about:
Move out man! Life is fleeting by. Do something worthile, before you die. Leave behind a work sublime, that will outlive you and time. Alfred A. Montepert

Remember to always dream. More importantly to make those dreams come true and neveer give up. Dr. Robert D. Ballard

A home is no home unless it contains food and the fire for the mind as well as for the body. For human beings are not so constituted that they can live without expansion. If they do not get in one way, they must in another, or perish. Margaret Fuller


 Disclaimer None of this newsletter is supposed to be a substituted for professional help. There are many lists of sources on the web and in your local areas. It is merely offered as hope from survivors to survivors. Should you feel as though you would benefit from professional support, you are urged to seek help locally. This newsletter is dependent upon your submissions to keep going. If anyone wishes to subit an article,poetry, quote or share a humorous joke or story please send it to HealingNews@journalist.com  to be included in the next newsletter. Please put Healing News in the subject line.
Thanks everyone for making this newsletter possible. Don't forget to keep those submissions coming!
C-ya next month,
Gayle C.

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