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  The first names you see below are from people asking  for your help.
Many are lost in thier healing process and seek to find thier way through the maze of pain that comes with learning to survive.  Praying is a simple act which costs nothing. Please visit often as this page my change. Other prayer requests are listed in the guestbook linked below. Perhaps you would like to add a message yourself or simply peruse the book praying for others while you are here. Perhaps you would like to leave a message of encouragement. We'd love to hear from you. Postings may be anonymous.
Thank you for taking the time to share the Hope for Healing by prayer.
May God bless you.
Wava Shane  Kathy    
Randy and Cas  Sabrina Tamasa Cassandra Michelle Sue Mary Terrie
Qingxin Yan
Sheree Courtney W. Bernadette Denisse Martinez Peola Susan B Bonnie
Robyn Jenny Kari Alexis June Pamela Felicia Brittney Heather
Sarah  Faith Shawna Vanessa  Megan
 Corrie Tracy Diana
Denise  Gita Jonathan  Emily  Jeannette Survivor Phil Jeff Barb
Amanda  Michael C. Janette Janet Gene Carolyn Vickie Belle Leanne
Brandi Freda Kevin Laura Charlotte Katrina Bobbye Lindsay  Nola
Michael Gale Kathryn Kalisi Grace Dori Mary Tina Alisa
Brandi J.  Connie Denise Ola Darryl Kathy Cindy Karen Diane
Vickie Leesa Kristin Tiombe Jaime Emily Leah Stephani Michelle
Melissa's baby Melissa David Annie Christian Mie Patti Chrissy Debbie
Allen Elizabeth Celeste Tracy Jacey Clara Trina Hazel Beth
Kathy Star Misty Angie Marvella AmandaJean  Julia Amanda Janet
Carolyn Samantha Lynette Rae K.M.T. Nicky Sasha Karen Julie
Joyce Carrie Marion John Carol Annette Tara Nancy Danny
Theresa-Marie  Kate Lisa Ashton Sasha Chris Diane Jen Lauren
Sandra Mark Joy Lucy Brooke Kelley Paula Ruby Brooke
Michael Abigail BW Cailyn Lorna Becky Aaron Charles Jenn
Cathy Annette Ashley Angie Aileen Kathy  Conchetta LaJane Olwen
Shanin Susan Rebecca Zachary Abby Aimie Lorna Astrid Dawn
Elizabeth Penny Sandra Monica
Rebeka Stephanie Marianne
Sonja Shanta Darla-Rae Tracy Aimee Nathan Amy Latasha Whitney
Amanda Pete Allie Kevin Sarah Christina Courtney Bobbi Tara
Lea Michele Emmanuella Paula Sue Pauletta
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