The Hope Quilt

A project of Hope for Healing.Org


You've heard of the AIDS Quilt, Cancer Quilt

and quilts for abused kids, but have you heard of

The Hope Quilt for Victims of Sexual or Domestic Violence?

volunteer holding quilt

The Hope Quilt

 Held by a Junior Volunteer - one of the people

 we can't live without. Winter 2004


Where's Your Square? For pictures of individual squares click here. (Takes a few minutes to load.)

   Add your message!

Place a short message in

 The Hope Quilt Guestbook to have your square filled out by a volunteer or email

and we'll mail you a square to create and mail back to us.

      For those who are really industrious, you can send in an entire block! Blocks are to be 12.5 X 12.5. The primary quilt colors are yellow and white but other colors are being accepted. Squares can be painted, signed, lettered, embroidered- you name it!

 Make your square your own!

    This is a little project with a big impact. Participation is open to all effected by sexual or domestic violence, our spouses, partners, family members and those who help us heal!

For more information email


Hope for Healing.Org

153 Broadway Blvd. #113

Jefferson City, TN 37760


The quilt is not for sale.

Not now.      Not ever.

All squares, blocks and messages left on the guestbook become the property of Hope for Healing.Org.

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