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Rape Survivors

These are links to pages of rape survivors. They tell their
own stories for the most part. Those that do not tell of their
struggle to put thier life back together,remind us in what they do
not say.

Each link here represents true courage. It is the courage a
person posesses to be able to put their lives back together again
after a crime has been committed against them.

 Rape is not something a person asks for nor deserves. Rape is
not something that is the victim's fault. The blame goes to the perpetrator
for choosing an action that deliberately harmed another.

This page is perpetually under construction. You may also want to
check the add-a-link section or the webring for other sites of interest.

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Christina-Marie's Home Page Jenn's Home Pages   Halfpint's Home Page
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Secondary Survivors
 Panic Disorder Homepage
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Sisters of the Night Survivors and Friends Still Waters Run Deep
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Survivors  Ghostwolf - Out of the Abyss
A Little BOY Alexandra's Celestial Garden Dear Teacher: 
Education on Abuse
End the Violence Tami's Survivors' Pages
Blondie's Basement
Welcome To Life As I Live It
Tammy's Survivor Page
Welcome to Barbados
Spirit In the Sky
Roadhouse Blues

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This page is not meant to be a substitute for any kind of professional help. It is merely put together by a survivor who has found much of this information helpful to her healing and offered as a possible help to others. If you feel you need a professional to speak with please contact your local rape crisis center or health care professional. I claim no responsibility for the use of this page, use of content,or content of any links leading from this page.This page is offered for support of other survivors, informational, and education only.