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Helpful Hints for Claiming a Moment for God
Gayle Crabtree

Read your Bible either right before you go to sleep or right before you start your day.

Begin to keep a prayer journal. The book doesn't have to be fancy. Any blank book or notebook will do.

Take a moment to begin reading a Christian book or to look over a Christian magazine.

Take the time to say a bedtime prayer with your child.

When you do any repetitive task, such as folding laundry, allow your mind to wander reflecting on what God has done for you.

Call a friend for a moment of Christian support or prayer.

When you take your daily walk or jog being on the lookout for God's handiwork. As you go on your way, spend the time thanking God for His creations.

Take a moment to apreciate the beauty found in a sunset or sunrise.

Set an alarm clock 5 minutes early. You don't even have to get out of bed to pray.

If you have a moment on your lunch break use it to pray or read a one minute devotion.

Watch a small child play for a minute as you try to find a childlike faith.

Do you craft, quilt or sew? When you do, take a minute to think about all the things God has done for you to make it possible for you to enjoy creating.

Sit by a window on a rainy day and enjoy how the world seems refreshed by the rain.

When traveling in your car listen to a Christian radio station or tape.

Volunteer in your church or your community and dedicate that time to God.  It can be as simple as arriving a few minutes early to help fold bulletins or to pray with your pastor.

If you arrive at home or work when it's dark, spend a minute gazing at the stars. The same God who placed the stars in the sky cares for you.

Make a mental list of your blessings while your sitting in a doctor's waiting room or when you are in line picking up your children from school.

Take your lunch outside to eat it. Spend the time gazing around you being aware of God's creation.

When you are shopping, browse in a Christian bookshop.

Sing or hum a hymn or listen to a Christian radio station or tape while you are cleaning your home.

Hug your child and remember all the love God has for you as His child.

Light a candle while you eat dinner. Let the light remind you of Christ's light in your life.

Place a piece of scripture or an inspirational picture on your refrigerator door or kitchen wall to reflect upon while you eat breakfast.

Have a child read the Bible to you as you cook or clean. Not only will this improve your and your child's faith but it will improve a reading skill at the same time.

Be aware of one-minute vacations you can take and claim the moment to spend with God.