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Types of Rapists

People often write asking if there are different types of rapists.
That answer is yes.


Rapists can generally be grouped into categories or "types"

   They are:

1. Power Assertive
2. Anger retaliation
3. The Power-reassurance rapist or Opportunity Rapist
4. The Anger excitement rapist or Sadistic Rapist
5. Juvenile Sex Offenders
6. Women Offenders

   The Power Assertive rapist is the type who will claim to have a weapon but will only use it to ensure the victim's cooperation.  With 44% of all rapes falling under this category it is the most common of all forms of rape.

   Anger retaliation is different because the perpetrator is actually out to punish women.  Often carrying hate towards women this type of perpetrator will often substantially injure victims to the point where they require medical intervention or hospitalization.   Roughly 30% of rapes fall into this category. 

   The Power reassurance or Opportunity rapist is one who takes advantage of an opportunity to commit a rape. This is done in conjunction with another crime such as burglary, robbery or kidnapping. 

   By far the most dangerous type of rapist is the Anger excitement rapist. This perpetrator wants his victim to be hurt. Often victims are killed. Fortunately, only 5% of all rapists fall into this category. However, almost all murder/rapes take place at the hands of these criminals. 

   Juvenile Offenders have problems with authority such as school, police, etc. They seek to take anger out or punish the victims. Sadly, this crime seems to be on the rise. 

   Although rare, women can be perpetrators as well. They can also be accomplices to luring other unsuspecting victims into traps to be raped by others. 

   Date rapes, can occur in all categories making it the number one type of rape. However, this article focused on the type of rapist committing this horrible crime. 


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