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Who Am I? 
What happened? 
Why was this page created? 

     In 1995 I was raped while working for a national motel chain.  A rape crisis center was not available in the town where this happened. In order to secure support, I turned to the internet. This site was born in the spring of 1996 originally existing as a humble home page with a few book marks. 

     The battle with the motel and worker's compensation insurance company was a long hard fight. In August of 1999 we finally received a settlement check. Much of this went to pay medical expenses. After four and a half long years, it was just nice to have this chapter of my life closed. Unfortunately, the man who attacked me has not been found and brought to trial. That chapter, remains open. 

     Since beginning my home page, much healing has taken place. The site now contains over 200 pages, making it the largest resource for survivors on the internet. With the forum on Delphi, Yahoo Club, 2 email support lists, newsletter, and the main site itself, there are approximately 1 million views yearly. 

     In November 2001 I was able to acquire the domain, www.hopeforhealing.org. This was yet another positive step along the road to helping other survivors find the help they need to heal. 

     I am kept busy answering email, speaking to church and survivor groups as well as advocating. As much of my email comes from partners, friends, family and spouses of victims as well as survivors themselves. Hopefully soon, good news will come from a publisher and my book on Spiritual F.A.Q's will be published. A goal for this site is to become a non-profit organization. (Anyone know how to fill out paperwork?)  I'm also a ministry candidate with the United Methodist Church and am very excited at the prospect of helping other survivors spiritually in an official capacity one day. 

     My family consists of two great daughters (who will not be allowed to date until they are 40!), a wonderful husband, two dogs who think they are hungry every time the fridge door opens and a rabbit. They are tremendously supportive and have been an awesome source of healing. 

    If you are a rape survivor, I'd like to offer you a word of hope. Life gets really really hard sometimes. It's just overwhelming juggling family, healing and everything that's thrown at you. There may be times when you are tempted to throw in the towel and give up on a part of life. Don't. Life can be really good again after rape. You deserve to be happy. Keep working and don't give up. Eventually, on your own time frame, you can be happy again.  I know because I am and I never thought I would be. 

To everyone who helped me, to Jesus who gives me strength, I just want to say "Thank You." 

In hope and healing,

email: gayle@hopeforhealing.org


Who am I?

I'm a mother who loves her children.
I'm a wife who loves her husband.
I'm the oldest daughter of an oldest daughter,
and I like to read, paint, laugh and have fun.
My hobbies include cake decorating, crafting, web design and sewing.
This often leads to a yard that needs mowing.

I'm a child of God that Jesus saved from sin.
I like going to the beach to play in the sand.
My favorite sound is my childrens' sweet song of laughter
My favorite color is the rainbow tinged sky when the day is done.
I try to find beauty in all that is around me
from the plants, to the sky, to the air I breathe.

The depth of my heart is an endless sea
containing all my hopes, my fears, my dreams, my soul.
I long for a world of peace where all live "happily ever after"
and all fear, for everyone, is gone, existing no more.
Look to my dreams and you shall see,
a heart filled with hope, that my daughters shall be
living in a world of harmony.
Or perhaps, just a glance, of my husband's hand
holding mine
as we love each other beyond the expanse of time.

But it is my soul, the very essence of being
which is the tiniest, biggest part of me.
A soul lost, but yet redeemed,
saved from sin and from my own iniquity
by a babe, a lamb, oh how can it be!
My soul rejoices, my hopes abound
in the wondrous love, I have found.
Nevermore will I dismay, for Jesus is with me.
He lights my way.

Gayle Crabtree
Copyright 2001

Copyright Gayle Crabtree
All Rights Reserved

This page http://www.hopeforhealing.org  is not meant to be a substitute for any kind of professional help. It is merely put together by a survivor who has found much of this information helpful to her healing and offered as a possible help to others. If you feel you need a professional to speak with please contact your local rape crisis center or health care professional. I claim no responsibility for the use of this page, use of content, or content of any links leading from this page. This page is offered for support of other survivors, information, and education only. By using this site you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Hope for Healing.Org, the founder, board of directors and all associates.