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We aren't counselors & don't try to be.

If you are looking for counseling call

RAINN.org at  1.800.656.HOPE.
The National Suicide Helpline is

It's ok to get the professional help you need. 


Teens who need a hotline should visit

  www.loveisrespect.org by the

National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline

or call 1-866-331-9474

Rape Recovery Information

* Post Trauma Stress/PTSD

* Date Rape Recovery
Date Rape Drugs

* Drug and Alcohol Recovery
Healing Tips by Survivors

* Book Suggestions from abuse survivors.

* Download Free Brochures

* * Helpful suggestions on how friends can help abuse survivors with recovery.

Other Links

* *Clergy Information & Resources for Domestic Violence and Rape Recovery

*If You Become Victim

*Depression Recovery
Dissociative Identity Disorder

*Domestic Violence Info.

*Flashbacks in Rape Recovery: A Natural Process


*Sign our guestbook

*Guidelines for Rape Recovery Groups & Forums


* Healing Tips from Survivors of Sexual Assault

*Hope Quilt Information



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More Information:


* Past events and press releases

*Child Abuse Recovery Page

*Incest Helpful Links for Victims

*Male Survivors of Sexual Assault



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  1. Visit our Hope Blog for the latest information.

  2. Hope Quilt gives survivors a voice. See our Picasa Photo Album.
  3. Awareness and outreach events. Teal Ribbon Campaigns in April and Purple Ribbon Campaigns in October.

  4. Please keep in mind that we do not offer counseling. Peer based rape recovery and abuse support is found in these online chat groups for , spousesand friends. & Men who have been sexually assaulted or are domestic violence survivors can find limited peer support here.
  5. Free, volunteer created newsletter.

  6. Training on domestic violence and how to make rape recovery happen.

  7. Restorative Justice to prevent teen dating violence and other local services.

  8. *Sexual Assault Myths Debunked

    *Past Newsletters from Hope for Healing. Org
    *Partner's Page
    *Poetry by Survivors in Rape Recovery  

    *Pregnant by abuse or rape? Recovery is Possible
    *This link helps offer recovery from Workplace Violence
    Fun Romance tips After Rape Recovery

    *Security Issues

    *Self Injury Page

    *Rape Recovery Statistics and Healing


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